Monday, November 23, 2009

Reunited at New Moon

It was really a reunion for me and my friends last Saturday as we all met together for the first showing day of the Twilight Saga, "New Moon". It 's been ages since we last saw a movie together. Shiela, Gemma (a.k.a. Madam), Xenia, Ronald, and Anime were all present. We had a hard time meeting each other because of our schedules... Shiela has been out of the country while the rest have been busy with their own work. Fortunately, yesterday we were all free except for me... I had to come from an 8-hour-duty. Whew! It was really tiresome and annoying ... my schedule was changed at the last minute, but I had to come because our movie date was already set. And I'm glad I did! We had a wonderful time and the movie was really great. I absolutely enjoyed the movie that I don't want it to end. It was filled with new and very interesting characters. It was surprising to see Dakota Fanning in the movie... And after you watch it, you'll definitely look forward for the next saga.

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  1. i will take your word for it. watched the twilight and liked it. can't wait to see the new moon!