Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love Krispy Kreme!

While I was in Manila, I was thinking of something to bring for my family when I go back to Davao. And then I remembered my sister telling me to buy her the fave, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. With little time left I had no other option but to buy the most wanted doughnuts.

I bought two boxes, a dozen of the hot original glazed and one dozen in assorted flavor. Honestly, I had a hard time carrying those boxes because I had to hand-carry it during my flight plus I have another one big bag to carry that was quite heavy. While I was going on board for my flight going to Davao, I was really surprised to see some passengers who were also carrying boxes of Krispy Kreme. And so I said to myself these doughnuts must be really good and I can't wait to have a bite of it.

As soon as I landed to Davao International Airport, I texted right away my sister and sure thing she was more excited to see the doughnuts than me. We'll that's fine with me I'm also excited as hell. I got myself a taxi and headed straight home.

Sorry I already ate some of them... can't wait anymore. :)

When we finally munched on the doughnuts, we were not disappointed because true enough the Krispy Kreme tasted heavenly. It's really delicious and the best doughnut I've ever tasted so far. It's even good even after being stored in the refrigerator. I was really glad I was able to buy some. It's just a pity that I wasn't able to share it with my friends. I thought the two boxes where more than enough for us but unfortunately it was even not enough. lol

Boost your immune system

We've all been alarmed with the rampant spread of the Swine Flu Virus. Rightly because it is highly contagious and very fatal if not treated timely and well. With this type of attack, there's no way other way to battle but keep our immune system in full good condition.

Everyday we go out of our homes on our way to work, school or just trying to run an errand we encounter different forms of bacterias and viruses which post us greater risk of acquiring various illnesses. The ever-changing weather condition also contributes to the setting in of cough, colds, fever and flu. Adding to that, there's also the heavy load of stress we have to face everyday which further lowers our immune system and increases our chances of getting sick.

We can't help but deal with it and the most effective way is strengthen our immune system. Here's some helpful tips to boost our immune system I read from the article of Victoria Anisman-Reiner.
  • Drink your lemons. Take fresh juices the natural way. Drink juice from freshly squeezed fruits and not coming from preserved products or powdered form juices.
  • Get a good night's sleep of 8-10 hrs. A very simple tip yet so hard to achieve especially when you're working on a graveyard shift.
  • Give your body an herbal boost through herbal supplements to help your body fight such illnesses.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein,
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stop drinking coffee. This is the hard part because I just love coffee. Maybe if you can't totally eliminate coffee in your system then try to limit your intake to 1-2 cups a day.
  • Exercise! Spend some time outside of your homes and give your muscles something to do. For me walking is the best form of exercise. Try brisk walking early in the morning for a period of 30-60 minutes. it's a good start.
  • Nurture yourself. Definitely! After a hard day's work you also need to pamper yourself afterward. Love yourself go out with friends or treat yourself to nice nice massage. When you're in the state of depression and emotions go haywire seek help with your friends and family.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A walk down the aile

Once again here comes June, the month of weddings. It seems like everybody wants to get marry in June. I guess it's the best season of the year where the weather is warm enough, ideal for a garden wedding. It's also the best time to get together with family and friends where nearly everyone is on break especially here in Philippines. My friend Agirl is no exemption to this because she's walking down the aile this coming June.

It has been part of our tradition to carefully choose the wedding date which corresponds to our mounting beliefs. The date should fall on the 8th or one that has an 8 or 0 signifying infinity or endless hoping the relationship would last forever. Strong as this belief may be, my friend didn't fall for this because she's getting married on the 3rd.

The most popular wedding month is June. It is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. With this, it is believed that she would bring happiness and prosperity to those who wed in her month. I sincerely hope this is true.

We are just as superstitious about days of the week. My friend is having the best day of all, Wednesday. A popular rhyme goes:

Marry on Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday the best day of all,
Thursday for crosses,
Friday for losses, and
Saturday for no luck at all.

Well these are all just beliefs, it may be true to some while others chose not to believe. I think the most important thing is to keep the marriage sacred and always remember that wedding is bounded by the holy sacrament of matrimony where two people are united out of love. To my friend Agirl and Carlo, Best Wishes! I wish you endless happiness and prosperity in your married life.

No Pain No Gain

I've never prayed so hard and so sincere like I did while waiting for the result of my NCLEX exam. I went to church almost everyday and asked God to please let me pass the exam. Just recounting the expenses I went through in order to take the exam was so much to bear that I don't want to go through with it again. Not to mention the long hours of attending the review class and reading the books I could hardly stomach.

I prepared for the exam for almost a year. I attended the basic, comprehensive and advance review class for NCLEX. But honestly, I became more serious with my review during the latter part with only 4 weeks to go before my exam date. It's always like this with me. Whenever I took the exam, I work best when I'm in a cram. Studying months way ahead of my exam was never my style. I've always wanted to do it that way because it's the best way but I just can't seem to do it.

I was also working at hospital during the early part of my review so it was really difficult for me to focus with my review. There was a time I attended my class coming from an 11-7 shift. But I had to do it because I was paying for that review class. Towards the end of my review, I just had to quit work and focus on my review or else I would waste all the money I spend for the exam. For four weeks I forced myself to answer NCLEX type questions in the computer. A lot of times I was tempted to play computer and surf the Internet while studying but still I pushed through with it. It was so difficult to study because I'm not very good with it.

After more than a week of waiting, my friend suddenly informed me that she had her results already via quickresults at And she passed! I just can't wait anymore. The waiting was killing me and I can't take another day anymore not knowing if I passed or failed. So that same day, I also accessed the quickresults and bravely faced the verdict. After entering the necessary entries, we waited for that one word we longed to see... And there it was PASS! I was so happy and overwhelmed with the results that I wasn't able to control myself and cried shamelessly. After all the hard work and sacrifices I went through, I am now a US RN. It was all worth it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

An Arduous Experience

I just got back from Manila after the grueling experience I had. I took the NCLEX exam there together with my friends Dgay and Joycee. It was such an arduous exam requiring a lot of in depth analysis. After the exam I really felt drained and exhausted both physically and mentally.

I took the exam for more than four hours and I thought Iwas never going to finish it judging from my pace. It was totally different while I was reviewing. I was able to anwer a maximum of 200 questions in two hours but during my actual exam, I felt I was really dragging and taking so long in answering the questions. It's been two hours already and I still got only 70 questions.

Physically, I wasn't prepared well to take the exam. Two days before my exam, I didn't sleep well and the day before the exam I had to meet a relative. She toured me to some known places that I didn't really enjoyed much having so much anxiety for my coming exam. I arrived at my hotel later than I expected because of the traffic we encountered. With so much anxiety building up inside of me, I barely slept during the night and just kept turning and tossing around my bed. In the morning, I took a light breakfast. As much as I wanted to enjoy the sumptous meal prepared, I just didn't have the appetite.

Throughout my exam, I felt ill and burdened. I just prayed that I'll finish the exam soon. I didn't even take a bite of my food during the break because I was afraid I'd lose more time. With every question I took, I always prayed "please let this be the right answer God". I was really losing hope when long at last, my computer shut down. The screen was displayed with - Congratulations! You just finished taking the NCLEX exam. I've never felt so relieved in my life! Thank God! I finished the exam. Now I'll just have to wait for the results.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's something about the money tree

They say it's lucky to have a money tree plant in your home because it brings fortune and prosperity to the family. We actually have one planted just in front of our house beside the main gate. It was planted by the previous owner of the house and we've had it since the moment we transferred here. According to beliefs it's luckier if you planted it yourself or if someone gave it to you. However, I'm talking about money tree plant not because of it's prospect of bringing luck but because of my nephew's fondness about it.

He's just 11 months old and quite a handful. He's very active and loves to explore everything and anything around him. For the moment his favorite is this plant. Every time he goes out of the house and sees this plant he just can't help but reach for it and grab the leaves. He is most fond of its flowers. And when he finally gets a hold of it you will certainly be rewarded by his beaming smile.

Don't you love his smile?

Whether the money tree plant brings luck or not, we should always take care of it just like any other plant. It doesn't matter what type of plant it is because any plant is always a blessing. It does not only bring beauty to our surroundings but more importantly having plants can help lessen the workload of our mother earth.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alone and Lovin It!

Wondering along the busy streets of Metro Manila, there seems to be a thrill in exploring the new found place all by yourself. An element of adventure, danger and excitement all wrapped into one. While strolling along the sidewalks you'll be surprised to see different people speak different languages. And I just can't help but feel overwhelmed by this experience.

It's always nice to have someone to travel with. But when the purpose of your travel is strictly for business or some important matter that you have to deal with by yourself, travel companions might be the last thing on your mind. You don't want to drag them along with you knowing that your not there to enjoy the place. There's also the added travel expense you have to think of which could post a big problem when you're working on a tight budget. Like me. lol

I had to go to Manila in order to take my long overdue NCLEX examination. For the previous months I've been working so hard to prepare for this exam and finally I'm going to take it. As much as I want to bring along my beloved mother, I had to consider the additional expenses. It's also impossible to bring her with me because my sister with her baby will be left all alone in the house. So in the end I just had to accept the fact that I am going to Manila all by myself.

I was a little scared going by self for the main reason that I am not familiar with place and Manila is known to be scattered with dangerous people such as hold uppers. Anyway, there's no other option left for me so I had to brave myself and go to Manila.

After my exams, I had some free time for myself so I decided to roam around the place and see what's in store. I stayed with my auntie's apartment after the exam and was left again all alone because she had to work. With nothing left for me to do, I had to drag myself out of the room. I went to explore the Espiritu Santo Church, and was awed by it's structure and huge statues of some known religious images. The place is very sacred and filled with holiness despite its location which is just along the busy street of Rizal avenue. I had some quiet moment there and became more connected with the Almighty Creator. Afterward, I felt remarkably light and confident that I could do anything. I never regretted that I visited the place. I also went to SM San Lazaro and was quite disappointed with the mall because it was not that big. It was just the same with what we have in Davao. So to kill the time I just continued window shopping and bought myself a pair of shades, a very affordable one I might I also went to visit some cafes and specially liked the Coffee Bean because of their delightfully tasty muffins.

At the end of the day, I was amazed that although I was alone exploring the place I actually did enjoy the place. Sometimes it's also fun to visit a new place all by yourself because then you don't have to worry about whether your companion will complain or would rather go somewhere else. Also you'll become more independent. This is one experience that I would like to do again next time I'll have the opportunity.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jai Ho Fever

I've been meaning to watch the award-winning movie entitled, "The Slumdog Millionaire". But with so much to do and with less time, I can only enjoy listening to the fast beat, dance rhythm of Jai Ho, a song taken from the movie which has been raving the music charts all over the world. Whenever this song is played I can't help but sing together with the Pussycat Dolls. lol Here's a copy of the lyrics of the song. Hope you'll enjoy singing it as much as I did.

JAI HO (You Are My Destiny)
by: The Pussycat Dolls Ft A. R. Rahman

(Jai Ho)
(Jai Ho)I got (I got) shivers (shivers),
When you touch away,
I'll make you hot,
Get all you got,
I'll make you wanna say (Jai Ho)

(Jai Ho)

I got (I got) fever (fever),
Running like a fire,
For you I will go all the way,
I wanna take you higher (Jai Ho)
I keep it steady
Cuz steady is how I feel it.
This beat is heavy, so heavy,
You gon feel it.

(Jai Ho)You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Ho! Uh-uh-uh-oh!
(Jai Ho)No there is nothing that can stop us(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us,(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me,
I want you now,
I know you can save me, come and save me,
I need you now.
I am yours forever, yes, forever,
I will follow,
Anywhere in anyway,
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho

(Jai Ho) Escape (escape) away (away),
I'll take you to a place,
This fantasy of you and me,
I'll never lose the chase. (Jai Ho)

Yeaahhhh (Jai Ho) Yeaahhhh

I can (I can) feel you (feel you),
Rushing through my veins,
There's an notion in my heart,
I will never be the same.

(Jai Ho)Just keep it burnin', yeah baby,
Just keep it comin', (Jai Ho)
You're gonna find out, baby,
I'm one in a million.

(Jai Ho)You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Oh! Uh-uh-uh-oh!

(Jai Ho)No there is nothing that can stop us(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh) (You and me, it's destiny)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me,
I want you now,
I know you can save me, come and save me,
I need you now.
I am yours forever, yes, forever,
I will follow,
Anywhere in anyway,
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho (Yeeeaaahh), Jai Ho (Yeeeaaahh), Jai Ho

I need you,
Gonna make it,(Jai Ho)
I'm ready,
So take it!

(Jai Ho)You are the reason that I breathe,(Jai Ho)
You are the reason that I still believe,(Jai Ho)
You are my destiny,
Jai Oh! Uh-uh-uh-oh!

(Jai Ho)No there is nothing that can stop us,(Jai Ho)
Nothing can ever come between us,(Jai Ho)
So come and dance with me,
Jai Ho! (oohh) (You and me, it's destiny)

Jai Ho!

Baila baila!
Baila baila!

Jai Ho!

Baila baila!

Jai Ho!

Monday, May 11, 2009

For the love of the game

I've always loved watching basketball. The thrill, excitement, and euphoria whenever I watch the game of my favorite team is always there. There was a time I dreamed of joining the basketball team in our school, wishing I could be a part of the ever exciting game. But no matter how big my love for the game is, that didn't came into fruition. The bottom line is I don't know how to play the game. I simply don't have the talent nor the guts to do it. It is said that basketball, like any other sports, demands motivation, patience, discipline and perseverance from the player. Having the talent doesn't end there but you have to endure the long hours of practice, waking up very early in the morning, keeping yourself physically fit, and a heavy load of discipline. Taking into account all of these things, we could also say that basketball skills could come very useful in improving our way of dealing life. There's a revolutionary program designed to significantly improve one's performance both on and off court, Elevate Basketball. You might want to check it out and try it for yourself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Find Your Own Satisfaction

Part of human nature is being never satisfied with what he or she has. It's true, like me I am never contented with my work, relationship and overall standing in life. I may be happy and enjoying with what I currently do now but there's always something that I keep on searching. On the other hand, I could be tired, restless and frustrated at the moment but still find satisfaction with what I do. Conflicting right? What I'm trying to say is that life may seem unsatisfactory at the moment but there are always simple things around you which will make your day.

Working as a Staff Nurse Trainee could really be trying a lot of times. You are overworked and don't even receive a salary to compensate for the hard labor you've done. I know it's just a phase I have to go through being a new graduate and having no experience at all. I should even be thankful enough that I was accepted as a trainee with so many newly graduates aspiring to be one. But sometimes I just can't help and question myself when will this ever end.

One day I really had a rough time with so many post operative patients to monitor and new admissions coming in that I just don't know what to do first. Then here comes a post op 67 year old male patient, complaining of back pain. He already has his dose of pain reliever but still the pain persisted. He was really in pain with his vital signs going up. With so many patients to attend to I had to make a quick assessment and intervene. I encouraged him to void and to help him do that I provided him with alternating hot and cold compresses. After that I assisted him to the bathroom. Successfully he was able to void and was then relieved from pain. He then went to sleep right away in a more comfortable way. Thank God! I went on to continue my work and didn't even noticed that my time was almost up. I went back to check on the patients and when I entered to the room of my patient who previously complained of lower back pain I was greeted with a beaming smile. I asked about his condition and truthfully he answered he was finally feeling better because his bladder was emptied. He even went on praising me how good I was as a nurse. I told him he is most welcome and that it was my job to make his stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible. I went out of the room and paused for a moment and smiled. That was pure SATISFACTION. A simple thank you or feedback coming from the patient for a job well done has really made my day.

Sometimes we are so busy looking for greater things that we fail to stop and smell the flowers. We are tend to be consumed with our own duties and responsibilities that sometimes we just do things out of obligation. I think that in everything we do, we should always seek joy in it. It doesn't matter how little or how big it is as long as it makes you or the people around you happy. Then you're on the road of finding your own satisfaction.