Friday, January 29, 2010

Understanding Dementia

My grandfather died at the age of 79. I am not sure what primarily caused his death but we were told that he died of old age. I was very young at that time and the only thing I can remember is that my mother, together with my aunt and uncles, would usually complain that my grandfather does not recognize them anymore. They just attributed his inability to recall their names as part of getting old. He just slipped into a state where he became more forgetful and often found does not know what to do. It was very unusual for him because he is known to be a handy man, who always fixes things with his own tools. From being forgetful he gradually lost interest in social activities, became more self-centered. He slowly lacked the will to eat, communicate, and then finally was confined to his bed.

Now looking back and analyzing the series of manifestations my grandfather had, one could surmise that he did not just suffer from an ordinary old age process but instead, he might have had Dementia. The progressive loss of his cognitive function, especially his memory loss, impaired judgment, personality changes, and changes in social behavior were all part of dementia symptoms. According to my cousin, there was also a time he would repeatedly tell a story about the Japanese time. And my cousin, who unfortunately didn't have the right knowledge in dealing such situations, and was obviously alien about understanding dementia was easily irritated and responded the wrong way. My grandfather became fully dependent even in performing activities of daily living. It was really a rough time for my cousin, my mother, and my aunts who took turns in taking care of him.

Without understanding dementia, I can just imagine how difficult the situation was for them, or for anyone who has a family member suffering from such illness. Having no knowledge about it, they become easily frustrated and would sometimes even cause harm to the affected person. I wished my grandfather had proper consultation that time so that with proper diagnosis and knowledge of the disease we were somehow able to get proper dementia treatment for my grandfather and deal better with him.

The Marriage of Convenience

Has it ever crossed your mind? Well for a single lady like me who hasn't found the right guy I want to spend the rest of my life with, this thought has certainly crossed my mind not once but for a thousand

Marrying a person for practical reasons and not out of love or intimacy might sound heartless and desperate to some. However, the romantic side of me would beg to argue and hoped that a couple who went into this kind of arrangement will eventually find themselves in love with each other. hehe Too mushy eh?! I think this is what I got from reading too much romantic novels.

But seriously, I have given it a thought for practical reasons, and mainly a means for me to go abroad, but then again it's just a thought, for now...:) Duh!!! As if I am getting any younger, somehow I could already feel my biological clock is ticking.

Protein Supplements for Diet

Everyday when I wake up and feel the heaviness of my thighs and bulges in my tummy area, I would always say --- I am going to start dieting. I will eat right and exercise. No more fatty and salty foods for me today. Well it is just a thought, and at the end of day my goal remains to be a thought due to lack of perseverance. Maybe I just got tired of my roller coaster diet regimens. Before, when I want to lose weight I just go into a crash diet, no rice meals, or to put it blatantly I go into voluntary starvation. I agree that it is a very unhealthy way to lose weight which I highly do not recommend, especially the last one.

But now it's different. Going on a diet does not have to mean missing out on palatable meals and eliminating the joys of eating good food. You can always choose to eat healthy with the help of protein supplements . They are high protein diet foods which are packed with adequate nutrition promoting a healthy way of losing weight. At you will find a wide selection of appetizing protein supplements from their yummy desserts, shakes & drinks, snacks, meal replacements and much more. I simply love pudding and chocolate shakes and would love to try out one of their products. I am sure this will be a treat for me or for anyone who is still in the traditional tasteless diet foods.

No Kissing Scene, No Love Scene

Can you ever imagine an actress or an actor having no love scene or even a kissing scene made in a movie or TV series?.... Except for those youngsters, I guess it's but natural to except one from them especially if the role or plot requires it. It is part of their profession right?

Judy Ann Santos will be making a comeback on Philippine TV arena next week during primetime and in her press con she made an announcement regarding a shift in her career which is ----she will no more have a love scene or kissing scene. What a pity! Especially if you will be paired with such gorgeous hunk, Derek Ramsey, oh such a waste. lol

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game Addict

My fourteen year old nephew just got hooked into another type of computer game. Right after school he goes straight to his PC and play one of his favorite games. His mother would always nag about this bad habit of spending more time using the PC than studying. My nephew with his very quick mind would argue and reason out that -- it is much better for him to be doing what he does right now than spend time drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or chasing girls --- Well I can't argue with that. I can also sympathize with him because I for one got hooked with computer games.

There was also a time I spend my entire day having computer games and when I got bored with what I was playing, I would search the web again for game torrents and find the latest and most exciting game there is. Even the old ones are fun to play with and my favorite is the Super Mario. So guys, if one day you find yourself bored and wanting to relax your weary mind, have a break from serious topics and get into a nice game. Just look for the right game torrents and let yourself have fun.

Another BED Weather

What do they have in common? It's the pleasure of sleeping. lol. It's another bed weather once again... The sun is not around and it's starting to drizzle. Good thing I didn't have to go to work today because it's my day off. So for now I'll doze off to bed and sleep all day just like the sleepy pug and my nephew, Fredric. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Go on a Camping Trip with An Airbed

Are you planning to have a bonding experience with nature and go on a camping trip? I suggest you plan way ahead of time so that your supposed relaxing activity wouldn't go awry just like what happened to ours, all because of the worst sleeping conditions we had. And a piece of advice, don't ever forget to bring with you elevated air beds .

We went for a nature trip about three weeks ago in order to celebrate my friend's birthday and at the same time, unwind from our busy schedules at work. In a spur of the moment, we all agreed to go camping at a mountain resort here in Davao City. Our eagerness to make this activity happen could not be quench. And so we made everything possible in a very short time for our planned trip. When we finally got there, the view was undoubtedly fantastic and amazingly serene. We went first for a chattel tour, followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch and last, a short hiking. We basked in the nature's spectacle and almost felt relaxed during the day. However, when we finally decided to retire and take a rest, my friend screamed that she forgot to bring the airbed. Adding to that it was even raining that time. Well what can we do??? We end up sleeping in a very damp, cold, and very uncomfortable mattress. As much as we wanted to blame her for the situation we were in, we can't because she is the celebrant.

If only my friend hadn't been so careless that time, we would not have suffered from such inconvenience. The elevated air beds are waterproof, inflatable, handy and very practical to use. Some are designed to make you comfortable even without a pillow. They are very useful during camping trips, for college students living on boarding houses, or when you simply want to take a sleep outside your ordinary bed. Next time we'll have a camping trip, an airbed should be the first thing on our checklist. And if you ever decide to get one for yourself, be sure to check out first things to consider in buying an air mattress.

Could this be "Bro" ?

Who wouldn't know Bro (a.k.a. Jesus) from the fave teleserye "May Bukas Pa" in Philippine TV? I am sure everyone coming from Philippines knows him, but I don't have the slightest idea what his face looks like. Are you curious as I m? Well here's a picture of him... Got this from my FB account and I'm not sure if this is really him..(macho version eh?) Hmmm... You'll be the judge. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Flowerhorn Fish

Last time I featured Maniki, our own Pit Bull dog. This time, let me introduce to you our Flowerhorn fish--- DI. This is by the way the fish of my brother-in-law but since he's working abroad, caring for DI was left to us. I have to say this fish has a voracious appetite! And you know what... his food comes in three kinds -- one for his humpy head, another one is for his shiny look, and the third kind is to enhance his red color.

I used to have various types of gold fishes before, but unfortunately they died tragically when we had a brownout and electricity was cut off for more than 8 hours. I felt bad because they have been with me for more than a year and they've really grown quite big already... Now, I am simply contented taking care of this solitary Flowerhorn. We were nursing 3 other younger flowerhorns, aside from this big one, but since all three were placed in the same aquarium, only one was left alive, and she is still waiting to get bigger.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Online Math Tutoring

When I was in college, I used to tutor my cousin who is in grade school during my free time. I do it for an extra income but mainly to be of help. I must admit, it was really a tiring job and a very exhausting experience for me. I did not have the proper training nor the discipline needed to be an effective tutor for my cousin. The most difficult part was teaching Math. Oh boy! It was really a battle. Although, I have to agree that Mathematics can really be a taxing subject. With all the calculations, equations, problem solving, etc. that you have to deal with, it is no wonder we consume most of our time doing Math. Even I was having difficulty with my Calculus that time. But now, there is an easy and fun way to get Math help and that is through Online math tutoring.

You can easily get an online math tutor from, the leading company when it comes to online tutoring service. They offer assistance and effective tutoring programs to K-12, college, and back to school students. If you need Online math help may it be in Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory, Boolean Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometry, Discrete Mathematics, or Calculus, they got the expert and most qualified tutors that would answer your questions and willingly offer guidance to help you or your kids have a better understanding of various concepts and solve your problems related to Math. How I wished, I had this during my trying days with Calculus.

I think Online math tutoring is the most convenient and economical technique in studying Math, just imagine the travel expense and time you're going to save. With you can get an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package for only $99.99/month for all subjects, 24/7. This means that you can avail of their tutoring service anytime you want it, and for as long as you need it. Well are you curious how this works? Better try their Free online math tutoring for first time users and get instant Free online math help. This might just be the answer to your unsolved math problems.

Bottoms Up

Meet my mischievous nephew, Fredric! As much as we try to avoid giving him junk foods and carbonated drinks, he still manages to get his own way. And drinking cola is one thing he really wants. Whenever he sees one, he would die for it. He would never stop fighting for it and go into tantrums until he has a glass of the unhealthy drink. We are forced to limit drinking such drinks but sometimes we just can't help it, and this is one of those times....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Nowadays, with the busy and noisy surroundings coupled with the ever-demanding roles we play each day, we find it is so hard to achieve a deep, relaxing and quality sleep that would make one feel invigorated and fueled to last the entire day. Just the other night I went to bed so late because I had trouble sleeping and by the time I woke up, I felt more tired than ever. I had to drag myself out of the bed and went to get a shower hoping to feel refreshed after. I really wish I could have a better sleep next time.

I stumbled upon and was really amazed they have these wonderful products all designed to help you achieve a good night's sleep and better relaxation through the help of a sound machine and a white noise machine. A sound machine will give you a soothing nature ambiance with the sound of a bubbling crook, rain, or waterfall and other calming sounds you want to hear to lull you into a deep relaxing sleep. This is really ideal especially if you live in a big and noisy environment. It's like going to a dreamland for a sleep or mountain area without the hassles of getting in contact with mosquito bites and creepy crawling creatures.

A white noise machine which comes in different forms is also another tool which stimulates relaxation and good sleeping pattern. It is manipulated to give a pleasurable sound while you try to relax. Some of the sounds included are that of a mother's womb (best for lulling babies), heartbeat, rain, surf, and brook. I remembered my friend mentioned to me that she can't sleep without turning the television on. For her to be able to sleep, she lets the television on until she falls asleep. I think this is what she needs. I will definitely suggest this to her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please Go Away!

I am down with colds for three days now and I am so fed up dealing with it. Clogged nose coupled with headache are worst conditions that just won't leave me...and I still need to go to work...:( I'm sure you all know how inconvenient and irritating it is. I know I just need to have more rest, eat right and take plenty of fluids to recuperate. I've already taken some PPA tablets and hopefully it will go away soon and leave me at peace. Do you have some home remedies that's really effective? Please do share it with me...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maniki is Pregnant

Our dog, Maniki, a nine-month-old Pit bull was away for her first impregnation. She was away for almost 2 weeks and was sent to my brother-in-law's friend who also breeds the same type of dogs. Now that she is back, first thing I noticed is that she looks a bit thinner. We were told that when a dog is pregnant she has to be on a strict diet. Her food intake is reduced, just enough to sustain her. The purpose of this is to hopefully achieve more puppies for her. She is due to deliver in February. Right now she looks so pregnant and very lazy... always asleep. Her breasts are already engorged, in preparation for motherhood. I hope she will deliver more puppies.

Maniki inside her Cage

Align Center

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma

Mama with her favorite Apo, Fredric

Today is the birthday of the kindest person I've ever known, my Mother! She just turned 56 and a few pounds heavier. Love you Ma. One of the attributes my mom possessed is her passion to cook and eat good food. lol Seriously, she's a very kind-hearted person that would always think of other people's welfare and last to think of herself. Most of the time, people abuse her kindness because she really doesn't complain. And no matter how many times we remind her to lessen her kindness, she still wont change. I guess, it's really part of her. And even on this very special day, she is the cook. I bought her flowers yesterday to grace the table. I wish I could give her more... For all the love and care you gave us, you're simply the best Ma! Love you Ma, Mwah!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Modern Bedroom

How do you like your bedroom design? Does it have a classic / traditional or modern appeal? Does your bedroom drive you to stay longer and give you all the comfort and relaxation you need? Well if you ask me, my room has not been renovated for almost three years now and I have to admit that it really needs a massive overhaul. lol My taste has shifted from rustic designs to modernized ones for the simple reason that it gives more room for functionality and space. I looked into some modern-typed bedroom designs and I found out that you can easily acquire one in good quality and comes with a of lot unique styles that will suit your own tastes.

My friend is on the process of refurnishing her newly built house somewhere in DECA Homes and she has promised to invite all of us to grace her elegant house once it is perfectly done. She particularly pays more attention to the bedroom since it is her favorite spot of the house. And with her flair for classy, elegant and expensive furniture, I am certain that a contemporary bedroom set is what she needs. I will definitely suggest it to her to complete the look she aims to achieve. We are all excited and dying to see her new haven.

Another Busy Day at Work

As expected, after holidays patients came pouring in to be admitted due to hypertension, LBM, vomitting, fever, cough, etc. How I wish it's still Christmas season, wherein nobody wants to be admitted at the hospital, and if they are admitted, they wanted to be discharged even if it's against medical advice... So we are left with few patients to take care of. lol
Now, time to get real and get busy because once again we are full house in our station. Another toxic day! Good luck to the coming days.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Spending my time

In spending my free time, I definitely enjoy going out together with my friends or family just as much as I love spending a lazy day browsing the Internet, watching movies or reading a book from my favorite author. Although to be honest, the latter part seems to be more to my liking since it is less costly. lol Just yesterday, the last day of my four days holiday vacation, I spend the whole day facing the screen of my laptop browsing the Internet. I was really glad to have the time to chat and get in touch with my friends across different parts of the globe, update my profile in FB, check my email, and Search and Download from Rapidshare new mp3 format songs, some old movies and episodes that I missed from the hit TV series, Heroes. It also helped me a lot that I was using a very user-friendly search engine and so convenient to use which allowed me to accomplish so many tasks that I want to do.

Well, I did really enjoy spending my time that I almost forgot to take a bath and eat my dinner. I became so engrossed with what I was doing that I forgot I had been using the Internet for quite a while until my mother knocked on my door and called me up to show my face at the dinner table. Good thing I was off duty so no need to rush.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Every Breath You Take

Finally, I finished this book and the verdict ---- another great novel from Judith McNaught! This is to be expected from such a great writer. Although at first, I had doubts reading it for the reason that it isn't her usual historical romance and that's what I am used to reading. The characters are unforgettably real and what's great about them is that they are connected with the other characters from McNaught's previous books like Matt Farrell and Zack Benedict through friendship. Once again, McNaught was successful in bringing out powerful emotions in this book that will not let you stop till you finish the book. Indeed, I love Judith McNaught!

Truck Insurance

My sister and brother-in-law are into hardware store business and they own two trucks specifically for delivery and loading supplies and sometimes they are rented for other cargo services at a specific price. And because it is new year they have the trucks repainted with color red and white. Now it looks sparkling new. One thing they have to deal with is the insurance policies for both trucks which are also about to expire this year. They are quite unsatisfied with their current insurance agency that they are deciding on shifting into another one which will give them better truck insurance policy and will offer more coverage for the truck and its goods. If you ask me, I don't have the slightest idea on what they are talking about. So I tried to research some information regarding truck insurance policies and here's what I stumble into-- HVG Insurance . Well I got some pretty good ideas from them and it looked like they got great deals to offer. One thing's for sure, it's not that easy to look for the right insurance that will suit your own needs for your own type of vehicle. I will just have to give my sister the piece of information I got that will surely help them decide.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Asthma Attack

My mother had an asthma attack, at least in mild form. I was worried already because I know she acquired an irritating cough about 3 days ago. And with asthmatics, it's almost inevitable they will go into an asthma attack once they have cough and colds... I guess the fluvac wasn't enough to protect her from getting a cough and with the series of busy days she had, accompanied with lack of sleep and further aggravated by an extremely hot weather, it's no wonder her immune system just gave in. So now I am on duty, taking care of my mother. Hope she'll get better after her nebulization.

I want a new bed

Aside from the living room, one of my favorite parts of the house is the bedroom for the obvious reason that I love to doze off and sleep for longer periods whenever I have the time. My friend Renelyn just lend me a book from one of my adored authors, Judith McNaught and I can't wait to leisurely read the book. One thing just puts me off from starting the book is the problem with my old bed. My bed is quite old already and by the feel and looks of it, it does need to be replaced. So while deciding on it, I browsed through the Internet and searched for beds for sale . Hmmm... There were so many to choose from and so much I like for example the luxurious leather beds are really nice and so expensive that they're just a dream for me. The fantastic and stylish wooden beds are ones of which I would love to own someday. I was thinking that I could go to the mall and some furniture shops but it would be a tasking and time-consuming process. There are so many things to consider in buying a new bed but personally, if I'm going to have a new bed I would choose it because of its functionality, comfort, quality and reasonable price.

Scorching Saturday

It's currently 32°C here in the heart of Davao City, Philippines in the middle of Saturday afternoon but it feels like it's almost 40°C. The scorching heat really cuts through your skin that you wouldn't wish to go outdoors...

On the other hand, it has its own benefits. For one, we are having our laundry done and I'm sure that in no time at all, the clothes and linens will all get dry.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Party Everywhere

It's this time of the year where everyone seems to be in a party mode and gets to over-indulged themselves, and I for one, is no exemption. Two weeks ago, we held our Christmas party for all the employees, including residents, APs and consultants of St. John Hospital. The following day was the party for just the nursing department only. And yesterday, I just attended yet another party together with my long time friends. With good company, nice ambiance and good food, I can't help myself but gave in, once again, and enjoyed the delectable, sumptuous and FATTENING foods served at the table...

I will surely have the ill-effects of my actions in a week or two after I weigh myself. Actually, I could use a little weight but I am just bothered gaining fats around my tummy area and thighs. If I have the money, I would not think twice and would willingly undergo a Liposuction to remove these unwanted excess fats. It would be so convenient and a sure treat to any woman :) But I don't. So I guess I will just have to go on a diet and engage more in a physical activity to burn some fats.

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010!!!

For this year, I am hoping to accomplish my top most New Year's Resolution which is to live a healthier right, exercise and THINK RIGHT! I've got a lot more on my list but I'd like to keep it to myself first and work to make it happen. :)