Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New World

Everything is so surreal, never thought I'd step on this new land. A different air, different races, various languages... A new world ahead of me, a new journey to tract... may this be a wonderful adventure. It's been a tough ride along the way and now....Uncle Sam, here I come.

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revive that positive energy and don't let your health be taken for granted

Sometimes life gets so busy or down right soooo uneventful that we tend to forget little but very important things in life, and one of which is our health. Every time I wake up, I used to plan my activities for the day making sure I have time for this and that. But now that nothing exciting seems to be happening in my life, I have this dragging feeling. A lot of times it consumes me that little did I notice I was forgetting about my health... like having regular exercise and enough sleep. I now miss my regular yoga sessions. Sometimes we think that because we are young and don't feel any pain or discomfort in our bodies right now, we can continue with our sluggish behavior but this shouldn't go on. When your having some low points in your life, one must really try hard to fight back and revive that positive energy. And what a better way to start my day by thinking about my health and going for a 30 minute Yoga. ;). Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christmas Breeze

I woke up early and went out to have some stretching and I can already feel the cool breeze and smell Christmas is in the air... It makes me really excited and at the same time, lonely. Of course holidays are great times to be merry but I can't help but wish my special someone is with me. This is just one of the challenges with having a long distance relationship...But no matter what situation we are in, let us always remember what matters most in this very special time....and He is the Child born - Jesus Christ, Our Savior. Let us take this time to show our love and appreciation to all our love ones and make them more special in our own little way.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Kuya Dirk!

Time flies so fast. I can still recall one of my first blog posts here was my nephew's first birthday, and now after three years... he is celebrating his 4th birthday.  

 He is so crazy about the phenomenal angry birds, and so he requested to have an angry bird cake.

You've grown so much Dirk. Happy Birthday Kuya! I hope you grow up to be a good and obedient son in the future.

Birthday Gift

I'm about to celebrate another year of my life next month, and a very special someone asked me once what I want for a birthday gift. I could ask for a lot of material things, but that time nothing really came into my mind.... As the days went by a song just suddenly came to my mind which best describes what I want for my coming birthday, and here how it goes...

Your Love by: Jim Brickman
It's not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
it's not the ring, i wear around my finger
There's nothing in all the world i need
when i have you here beside me,
here beside me

so you could give me wings to fly
and catch me if i fall
or pull the stars down from the sky
so i could wish on them all
but i couldn't ask for more
cause your love is the greatest gift of all
Repeat Chorus 
in your arms, i found a strength inside me
and in your eyes there's a light to guide me
i would be lost with out you
and all that my heart could ever want
has come true

Repeat Chorus
you could offer me the sun, the moon
and i would still believe
you gave me everything
when you gave your heart to me

Repeat Chorus

From LYRICSMODE.COM lyrics archive
Lyrics | Jim Brickman lyrics - Your Love lyrics

This song just says it all... and I will be the happiest woman celebrating my birthday having the greatest gift. I love you Hon. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dark Night

You have to pass through a dark night of the soul. Everyone does, including you. A time comes when what you have always believed is true melts away underneath you. When you cast in doubt even the most obvious, the most simple. When it seems that dark night is all around, and you are all alone. Take heart, this journey through abyss is the final barrier before your emergence into the heavenly light of a new synthesis of your being. God is waiting for you on the other side.

I got this message, and somehow it is comforting to know that after this road to uncertainty, I know I'll come out strong and a better person.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Make her happy and beautiful

Do you know what would make a woman truly beautiful?
It's not the facial, salon treatment, going to gym nor rigorously applying facial creams each day, instead, just make her HAPPY. It's the most effective and guaranteed treatment that cures almost all ailment. If she is happy you will see that happiness glowing within her.

Know what would make her happy and give it to her keeping in mind that it's not all about material things. Most of the time, the simplest things and those that cannot be bought by money are the things that would give you utmost joy in life.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Yoga Experience

We can't deny that in this present world, life has become so toxic and each day we are faced with new challenges that could get us stressed and leave us burn out. Therefore, one must find balance in this ever challenging world to help us get by and battle stress. And my choice is Yoga. I am just a beginner but I can already feel the benefits of it. 

Increasing flexibility and strength, muscle toning, detoxification, promotes better posture and breathing technique, enhances circulation in all your body organs, are just some of the benefits of practicing yoga. It does not only improve your physiological aspect but more importantly your psychological area. And this is what I am really craving for, the after effect of my yoga session is CALMNESS. I really feel more relaxed and feel better after my yoga class. Can't wait to attend my class. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

He is able who thinks he is able

Such a true statement! I got this message from my Daily Buddha Wisdom. If you think you can do it, it's full proof that you can really do it. The more you think about of what you will become, the more it will happen. So just think of the power of one's mind and the vast possibilities it can achieve. Let's all think positive each day and let us also not forget that our thoughts should also be coupled with right actions. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrating Father's Day

Growing up, I never really had the chance to get to know my father. I don't have memories of celebrating Father's Day with him and had the opportunity to say "I love you Pa".  He left for abroad to work there when I was 3. Then time came when we lost communication with him and got estranged with him. But before  he passed away he made efforts to get in touch with us, which I am truly thankful for. He made peace with us and somehow we were able to accept him again. But still we didn't have enough time to bond and really be together and he just passed away too soon.

I wished the situation then would have been different. How I longed to feel how it is to have your father beside you. When you have problems, you can talk with him and ask for guidance. But certain things just happen for a reason. I still feel lucky that I got to know my father. I know he is in a better place now.

For those who have their fathers together with them, make sure you treasure each moment and savor the happy times you have. I thank my father for helping me become a better person and to my wonderful mother who has become both a mother and a father to us, I love you ma. Happy father's day to all the fathers out there and to all the single moms for also playing the role of being a father to their children.