Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet My Colleagues

Here are some of my colleagues at work at the family medicine clinic. There are no more patients left for check up and so we were just waiting for the clock to strike at 5pm so that we can finally log out of work.

With few minutes left, we decided to take some pictures at the area. Smile! ^_^

Monday, April 12, 2010

bone weary at 8-5

Sorry guys for failing to update my blog. I have been so busy with my work at the hospital. I never thought that having a regular schedule from Mondays to Fridays starting at 8am to 5pm can be wearisome... I used to have a rotating schedule but since I am assigned in the out patient department, I work on a regular schedule. Maybe I just need to adjust and in time I'll get used to this kind of routine. I just wish that I don't have to travel longer going to my workplace, this thing really makes me totally exhausted at the end of the day. I am just thankful that I don't have to go into graveyard shift anymore. Thanks a lot!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Waterproofing Your Walls

These past few days, we have been experiencing a sudden shift of weather conditions. From a very hot and humid atmosphere, a cloudy weather accompanied by heavy rains would come in the following day. I could not complain with having rain, in fact it is always a nice welcome to cool down our body temps with the summer season we are having. However, there is one thing that's becoming a bothersome brought about by heavy rains and they are leaking windows and pipes where water could easily enter inside your house and irritatingly accumulates on the floor which dampens and even damages your furniture if left unattended.

With poor construction and installation of drainage system, just like ours, water can easily leak inside your house. The situation worsens especially in lower parts of the house like the basement or underground areas. Have you ever experience such problem at your own homes? This is the reason why waterproofing is very important in building houses. Basement waterproofing should really be considered since the basement is more prone to being affected during wet conditions. And now you can easily remedy this problem with ready to use, do-it-yourself waterproofing products which are readily available at the market, easy and safe to apply. So check it out guys before leading your basement areas to total destruction and making them entirely unusable.

Seizure Attacks of Manike

It was in the afternoon of Easter Sunday, when we had the most frightening experience with our dog, Manike, our 8 months old pit bull. She went into several seizure attacks which started at around 2pm till 8pm. We were deeply worried when we noticed that she was excessively salivating and suspected that she was poisoned. We continue to observe her when we were caught by surprise when she suddenly stiffen, begun lip smacking, followed by facial spasm then finally, she went down while her whole body convulsed. The seizure lasted for about 10-15 seconds with about 30 minutes interval. After the seizure attack she seemed so disoriented and would stand up then pace around, running in place, until another attack would come in. Our dog is unable to control her movements so as she continues to run around inside her cage she would bang her head painfully and hurt herself.

It was was both horrifying at the same time utterly agonizing to watch her go through such painful episode. And the worst thing is that we can't do anything about it at that time because it was Sunday, no clinic and vet whom we can sought for consult and help. We felt so helpless that time. You can only imagine the pain she is going through and all we can do is watch and pray the attack would stop. Thinking that she was poisoned, I cursed the person or thing which brought her to such situation. We thought the bouts of seizure attack would never end and that anytime she would stop breathing ...until later that night, she fell down, totally exhausted catching her breath and almost crying for pain and difficulty of breathing, the seizure finally subsided. We vigilantly monitored her the entire night and we can't even sleep because we could even hear her moaning. We felt hopeless and thought she'd never survive. If there was something we could give her that time even take her life, we would give it to her just to end her agony.

Morning came and we were surprised that our dog although barely breathing and moving, with no food and water intake the whole night, was still alive. Meanwhile, I still had to go to work so my sister was left with the task of keeping our dog alive. She was brought to the clinic and the vet diagnosed her of having flu and severe nasal congestion due to colds that's why she was having difficulty of breathing. She was also having high grade fever that's why she ended up having convulsions/seizure attacks. We were wrong to suspect she was poisoned and that she might be going through some form of canine distemper. She was immediately given vaccines and shots of antibiotics. We tried to feed her with fluids but she refused to drink so she had to be placed on IV fluids. We nursed her during the first day of treatment at home but since we were all exhausted, we decided to have her confined at the clinic for almost two days. After that, I was so glad and thankful to see her again with remarkable improvement in her status. Although slightly weak, she is able to stand up, follow commands and eat solid food. The vet said that she is quite stable and can be brought home. With continued monitoring and care, she is now recovering well. We just hope that her illness is not in viral form and that she will fully recover in a week's time and it would never recur. Hopefully... I would never want to see her again go through agonizing experience.

Online Tutoring

I used to like Math when I was in high school but when I get into more difficult topics I just can't help but wish for a reliable Math Tutor to give me a much needed Math help. I thought I was over with difficult computations since I entered nursing but I was wrong. Yesterday, we had a re-orientation on Pharmacology, a campaign geared to help avoid medication errors in the hospital. One of the goals of the seminar is to reinforce our knowledge in drug administration and acquire strategies to accurately compute drug dosage. That was a lot of Math for me, but I was thankful to have attended the said seminar because I gained more knowledge in computing drug dosage.

I remember one time when my niece called me over my cellphone desperately seeking assistance with her Math assignment. Her mom was not familiar with their lesson so she was left at my mercy. Well I tried to answer her questions but to be honest, I was not confident with my answer. I guess I've forgotten all about Calculus, Algebra, and Statistics. But now it is so easy to get Math help through Online Tutor where you can get your answers from an expert and a highly qualified Math Tutor.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

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Happy Easter Everyone!!! It's a great day to rejoice and celebrate Christ's Resurrection. Hope you spend a meaningful Holy Week with your families and friends. I just felt bad that I failed to wake up early and thereby missed the "Salubong". We planned to attend the Salubong or Sugat as part of our family tradition in welcoming the blessed Easter Day. However, we slept so late the night before and all of us forgot to set the alarm. When we woke up it was already past 5am. Nonetheless, we were still able to attend the second mass with much solemnity while remembering the Lord's great love and sacrifice for us. Finally, we enjoyed the rest of the day eating pork dishes. lol Fasting and no pork dishes are over but eating in moderation should not be set aside. Duh!!! As if. lolz Just for today...tomorrow maybe I'll eat in moderation. :)

A Time to Reflect

For the past days I was not able to update my blog because I was so busy doing a lot of things, and more than that, I decided to take a breather, a time for me to reflect and revive my spiritual aspect.

Last Holy Thursday, me and my family, went for a Bisita Iglesia. We visited 7 churches and offered our prayers at each church we dropped by. This was a first time for us because during Holy Week, we just usually have our station of the cross at the Shrine. It was really a worthwhile experience for us. At the 6th church we visited, we stayed a bit longer because of the heavy rain that suddenly poured in. It was actually a blessing because we were able to attend the mass and witnessed the washing of the feet ceremony. It was a very solemn and holy moment for me that I was really glad to have experienced. It took us the whole day to finish the visits. We went home tired but soul satisfied. :) This will definitely become another one of our family tradition during Holy Week.