Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revive that positive energy and don't let your health be taken for granted

Sometimes life gets so busy or down right soooo uneventful that we tend to forget little but very important things in life, and one of which is our health. Every time I wake up, I used to plan my activities for the day making sure I have time for this and that. But now that nothing exciting seems to be happening in my life, I have this dragging feeling. A lot of times it consumes me that little did I notice I was forgetting about my health... like having regular exercise and enough sleep. I now miss my regular yoga sessions. Sometimes we think that because we are young and don't feel any pain or discomfort in our bodies right now, we can continue with our sluggish behavior but this shouldn't go on. When your having some low points in your life, one must really try hard to fight back and revive that positive energy. And what a better way to start my day by thinking about my health and going for a 30 minute Yoga. ;). Have a good day everyone.

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