Monday, March 30, 2009

So Into Gossip Girl

Lately, I've been hearing so much about the Gossip Girl series. Last December 2008, me and my long time friends got together and had a really wonderful time. We had our exchange of gifts and I got a CD of the Gossip Girl series. Well finally I'll have the chance to watch the famous show. Unfortunately, I was so busy that time with all the holidays and Christmas parties going on I wasn't able to watch the CD right away.

It was just this month that I had the chance to sit down and watch the Gossip Girl series. And to my utmost surprise, I was hooked right away after watching just a few episode. And my favorite character is none other than Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford. I also love the role of Blake Lively who plays the role of Serena van der Woodsen. I can't help but admire and hate at the same time the character of Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester.

It's not just about the the intriguing side or scandalous affairs of the main casts that catches your attention but you'll also love their extravagant sense of fashion. I absolutely love the classy, trendy clothes they wear with all the accessories and elegant hair styles that go with it. I can't help but wait to watch the full episodes of the Gossip Girl Season 2.

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