Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keeping up with age

Gaining weight has never been a problem with me. Since I was a child I've been slim and fit and didn't have to deal with being overweight. Thanks to my fast metabolism that no matter how much I eat or how often I devour food I really don't gain weight.

I could eat a load of carbohydrates and fatty foods all at the same time and still remain slim. My friends often ask me where do I place all the food I eat. I simply say to them that I'm just blessed with fast metabolism so there's no time for excess fats to stay inside my body.

Those were my happy days. Because now, my metabolism doesn't work as fast as before. I can now feel that I am slowly gaining weight and piling some fats along my abdomen. Gosh! I hate this part. Before I have a flat tummy but now... It's not that flat anymore. I guess this is also brought about by the aging process. I must admit that when you're getting older, you're body system also declines and the system that works faster before may not work as fast anymore.

However I'm still thankful because I am still within my normal body mass index. Although there are times I wish for those days when I got the chance to enter into the modeling career because of my slender and tall body. I think with proper discipline and perseverance I could still achieve my model body in time. But if not, I am just happy being a little curvy here and there just as long as I am healthy and free from any serious diseases which is the most important thing.

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