Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to focus

As much as I want to explore and browse the internet, I have to go back to my notes and FOCUS to the task at hand. I have my NCLEX exams to think of and I should go back to studying... But browsing the net is such a nice break, I didn't notice I used so much time... Just spent one hour of studying and my eyes are already drooping...Gosh! Hope I can survive this.

I'm never good in managing my time. Often times I feel I spend most of my time doing nothing at all and when my exams are near I cram. I could choose to prepare for my exams in advance by reading ahead of time. But this doesn't really works with me. I must admit I don't have good study habits. It's as if my mind finds it very hard to study and focus if I know that my exam is still weeks or months away.

NCLEX is really very important for me and I should therefore force myself to study or else there will be a higher price to pay for me. FOCUS, focus, focus!

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