Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun and Sugar Overload

We had so much FUN and SUGAR!!! Last Sept. 6, we got together with my long time friends to celebrate the birthday of our dear friend Rosemarie. It was a spur of the moment plan. Fortunately it was holiday the following day so it wasn't that difficult to plan. We decided to meet at Theresa's house since it's the most accessible place. Apple, the official event organizer in our group, told us to bring food then we'll just share once we get there.

the celebrant

I had to tell you this. You know, I had so much difficulty deciding on what to in the end I just brought myself. lol I told them my presence and moral support would be more than enough. haha. Anyway we're going to be there to catch up with what's happening to this and that, and have some bonding moments. True enough, we enjoyed the party with just music, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, ice cream and the delectable mango cake from Goldilocks (courtesy by Apple).

The Barkada
Theresa, ME, Rose, Jinky (w/ sam), Apple

Star of the Meal , Yummy!

To my dear friend Rose - Happy Birthday! There's nothing more I wish for you than to finally find your true happiness in life (a wish for myself also hehe). Thank you for being a true friend I can count on anytime and anywhere. Luv yah my friend! :)


  1. Laiz, kana lang akong pinaka huling pic be kay mura ug yummilicious man kaayo...heheeh

    Happy bday sa friend..

  2. Wow Donuts, love yan ng son ko hahaha.. Happy bday sa friends mong katokaya ko hehehe..

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  3. wowowowowowowow..i want donuts! wala pa krispy kreme dito sa davao...i hope meron na..

  4. Lhay, hello. touched kaayo ko today, now lang ko naka view sa imung blog. na-surprise ko aning blog nimu naa diay ko deri, hehehe,... as in sarap ng krispy kreme, yumyumyum...thanks lhay, love you. you made my birthday more special.. :) miss you manang. and before i forget, tnx sa mga friends nimu nga nag-greet kay klivengood and chubskulit.