Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Way of Enjoying Durian

Durian Fruit

Our city is known for its exotic fruit, Durian. A lot of people would describe it as, "Looks like hell but tastes like heaven". I would agree on the first part of the statement but not about -- tastes like heaven. :) Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of durian nor one of those who are craving to eat it just like my sister, who can consume a whole fruit in just one sitting. It has a very strong smell and a unique taste that you could just either love or hate. On my part, I don't mind about the strong smell, but I just can't eat the fruit in its raw form. And so the only way for me to enjoy it is through this.....

Durian Float

This is made just like the mango float. But instead of lining the sliced mangoes in another layer, you have to mix the durian fruit together with the cream and milk mixture. For those who don't eat durian, you might want to try this and I can assure you, you will defiitely enjoy it. :)

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  1. WOW this looks so delicious, I miss eating durian way back in davao my hometown, anyway hope we can exchange links blogs, i would appreciate it a lot :P..