Thursday, October 1, 2009

In The Midst of Tragedy, Bayanihan Spirit Reigns

It was totally heartbreaking and haunting to witness the cries and pleas of the victims of typhoon Ondoy. Seeing them fight for own their lives in order to survive, you can't help but feel almost helpless. The disastrous typhoon has immensely ravaged the people in Manila and left everyone a traumatic experience which knows no status in life may they be rich or poor, famous or ordinary men.

Despite the devastating calamity which has befallen in our country, some good things do still exist. And this is the "Bayanihan Spirit". Unity reigned and led everyone to lend their hands and gave a piece of them all for helping the poor victims. Filipinos here and abroad, and even foreigners, reached out and did their share in answering the call for help. Donations continuously poured in and prayers were offered. Well-known celebrities like Gerald Anderson , Cesar Montano and other personalities didn't mind diving into the deep and dangerous flood water in order to rescue and save lives. This is truly an inspiration and a valuable trait, we Filipinos should all be proud of.


  1. yes, bayanihan, the very trait of being pinoy.i am one and proud to be one!

    adversity is a factor which tend to bring out the best in people.generosity and kindness flows in abundance fron near and far, friend oor stranger,. it is encouraging and heart warming to know that the world is still a better place because of these good hearted souls!

  2. oh i came back...thanks for dropping by the salitype page....your comments are highly appreciated!

  3. i totally agree. the bayanihan spirit is an inspiring and very important trait that sets us apart from other race.

    enjoyed exploring your blog. hope to see you in mine, kabayan! =)

    God Bless!