Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Time to Reflect

For the past days I was not able to update my blog because I was so busy doing a lot of things, and more than that, I decided to take a breather, a time for me to reflect and revive my spiritual aspect.

Last Holy Thursday, me and my family, went for a Bisita Iglesia. We visited 7 churches and offered our prayers at each church we dropped by. This was a first time for us because during Holy Week, we just usually have our station of the cross at the Shrine. It was really a worthwhile experience for us. At the 6th church we visited, we stayed a bit longer because of the heavy rain that suddenly poured in. It was actually a blessing because we were able to attend the mass and witnessed the washing of the feet ceremony. It was a very solemn and holy moment for me that I was really glad to have experienced. It took us the whole day to finish the visits. We went home tired but soul satisfied. :) This will definitely become another one of our family tradition during Holy Week.

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