Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! myspace graphic comments

Happy Easter Everyone!!! It's a great day to rejoice and celebrate Christ's Resurrection. Hope you spend a meaningful Holy Week with your families and friends. I just felt bad that I failed to wake up early and thereby missed the "Salubong". We planned to attend the Salubong or Sugat as part of our family tradition in welcoming the blessed Easter Day. However, we slept so late the night before and all of us forgot to set the alarm. When we woke up it was already past 5am. Nonetheless, we were still able to attend the second mass with much solemnity while remembering the Lord's great love and sacrifice for us. Finally, we enjoyed the rest of the day eating pork dishes. lol Fasting and no pork dishes are over but eating in moderation should not be set aside. Duh!!! As if. lolz Just for today...tomorrow maybe I'll eat in moderation. :)

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