Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's not What you know, but It's WHOM you know

I don't know if this statement applies to other countries but here in my country, this statement sure does. It is basically having and using connections with the right people who are in the Position for personal gains like getting a job, promotions, business deals, etc. But do we really have to resort to this means? What about working your butt out and getting all the skills to become better qualified for a job?

Whenever I hear someone getting hired in the company without even considering his or her qualifications...and to think that there are a lot more better suited and highly qualified for such position...I really get mad. Just because he or she is the niece or son-in-law of this and that! It is so unjust and as much as possible, I don't want to be part of this kind of system.

But what can we do??? This is reality and has long been part of our tradition. Although, it cannot be denied that having connections with the right people is really an advantage. And I must admit that there are times I am guilty of using such means out of frustration.I think the best way to handle this is to continually improve ourselves. And if ever we do find ourselves in this kind of situation, we just have to show that "I got hired because I am qualified" and perform damn well so no one would dare question us.


  1. korak jud kaayo Laiz....pagkuha lang daan ug legal papers like NSO etc..if naa ka kaila...kuha dayon, if wala, hulat ka sa sched..waaa...

  2. thats what we call :reality bites...we hate it but it exist...duh! its actually LUCK....for them...

  3. the same thing happens in my country too, if that is a consolation:(
    But this is extended a bit to an extent where "socially backward classes" get 51% reservation in all spectrums of the economy-from politics to education. It is a hapless condition where you know the person who was selected was actually lucky to have been born in a backward class of society.
    51 years of independence and the quotas keep increasing every year.

  4. Just passing thru... via MFS-Blogger Gallery
    Great blog..keep it up!