Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Victory for Noy, and could be a Heartbreaking Defeat for Mar

I never denied that I am supporting Ninoy Aquino for President, and basing from the results which by the way came out impressively faster than we expected, I am happy that Noy is not far from finally taking the seat of the next President of the Philippines.

On the other hand, Mar Roxas' stand for vice-presidency is still uncertain for he is neck to neck with his rival Jejomar Binay. Although Binay is confident that he will come out the winner of this race, he should not be too sure of his place (he leads by 800,000 votes over Roxas) because until the last votes are counted, only then shall we be certain who the next vice-president is.

If Mar doesn't win, it will surely be a heartbreaking defeat for him because he has already given up the race for presidency for Noy and he has been consistently on top in every surveys conducted prior to the election. Maybe if he had given more effort and tried harder with his campaign during the final leg, he might have a bigger chance of winning over Binay. But for now let's just wait for the last 4-5 Million votes not yet counted which could either make or break his dreams.


  1. kinsa na daug sa VP laiz?

    hehehe lagi adto ta malaysia inig uli nako gikan Sweden...mouli namn mi karong katapusan hahaha.

  2. Hope with this new result all the polical situation stabilizes.