Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Yoga Experience

We can't deny that in this present world, life has become so toxic and each day we are faced with new challenges that could get us stressed and leave us burn out. Therefore, one must find balance in this ever challenging world to help us get by and battle stress. And my choice is Yoga. I am just a beginner but I can already feel the benefits of it. 

Increasing flexibility and strength, muscle toning, detoxification, promotes better posture and breathing technique, enhances circulation in all your body organs, are just some of the benefits of practicing yoga. It does not only improve your physiological aspect but more importantly your psychological area. And this is what I am really craving for, the after effect of my yoga session is CALMNESS. I really feel more relaxed and feel better after my yoga class. Can't wait to attend my class. :)

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