Friday, July 17, 2009

Ugly Sweaters

Ever had the experience of wearing outdated, ill-fitted and uncomfortable sweater in one of those Christmas Holiday parties? Well I did, way back during my grade school days. With the season being cold you would really want to wear something that is warm and comfy. But on my part, that was not the main reason for wearing a sweater. I just wanted to be stylish and in, trying hard to show-off what I got.

I had to attend a Christmas party that time and my classmates had been plaguing me that it's going to be a sweater party. Upon knowing this, I was already thinking of something to wear for such occasion. Although I had previously prepared a totally different outfit. Being a kid, I wouldn't want to be left out in the crowd. So when I went home, I hurried to my room in order to search for a sweater I could wear... But to my utmost disappointment I didn't find one. My wardrobe that time was just limited to jackets but not one that I could show-off at the party. Then I remembered my mother stored some old clothes in another room. I rummage the entire room and thoroughly searched for the item I've been looking. And there, I found it! A midst the old bed linens and curtains, I found the right sweater. It's my mom's. It's white in color, knitted and actually quite big for my size. But beggars can't be choosers so I had to make do with it. The following day, I went to the party wearing the ghastly sweater without my mother's knowledge. And as expected I was sweating all over and very uncomfortable the whole time. Just imagine, I wore layers of clothes just to fit in the bigger size of the sweater and that's what I got. lol

Well if you are planning to attend or deciding to have a sweater party do check these ultra cool, colorful, fun and stylish sweaters from Ugly Sweaters. They have the cutest and most adorable ugly Christmas sweaters that you could have. I especially liked the red sweater with bear designs (Bears, the Sharks of Summer ugly Sweater). They have a wide range of delightful designs in different colors and sizes to suit your taste. Kids, women and men will surely find the right sweater. They could even be a nice gift to your hubby, father or grandpa. Just check out Mens Ugly Sweaters to view more exciting designs.


  1. I've always wanted to have an ugly sweater party--show up in an ugly sweater and laugh at each other's past holiday misfortunes...My grandma is like a professional ugly sweater gift giver, lol!

    Love your blog, and am following! I'd love it if you could please check minr out when you have the chance! Thanks!

  2. That sounds like such an awesome idea... now I want to go to an ugly sweater party! LOL

    Thanks for your comment!! I'm definitely following this blog!

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    I found that really interesting about the shrimp and Vit C in your previous post, Wow, I take Vit C everyday. Gosh


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