Friday, July 10, 2009

Just Not My Day!

They say it's lucky if you stepped on a poop.... Well I just did! But not in my case...To start with, I woke up early in the morning to take Manike (our 3-month-old pit bull) for a 30-minute walk. As I was cleaning our backyard I stepped on our dog's gross dirt. Arrgghh, not today! I had to attend a very important engagement today (something to do with my career), and stepping on a poop was not something I anticipated. After doing my chores and ranting all the while, I went straight to get ready. As I was about to take a bath, somebody called over the phone. I couldn't just hang up and say, hey I gotta go. Instead, I had to spare a few more minutes. I was already 20 minutes behind my schedule, when I finally finished and headed for my appointment. I was such in a hurry when I realized that I forgot to bring my cellphone. And so I had to turn and head back to get my CP. Halfway through my travel, I checked my cellphone for any messages when I noticed that it was battery empty. What?!! So much for going through all the troubles of getting it when it's going to be useless in the end.

My streak of bad luck didn't end there. When I arrived at my supposed appointment, I was told that it was rescheduled and that I had to come back on Monday. Seems like everything is not going my way. Totally frustrated, I had no option but to just go home and hope my appointment on Monday will finally come into fruition. I thought there's nothing more that can ruin my day but wait there's still another one. When I entered the house I felt a sudden gush of wind and together with it I felt something stung my cheek that felt awfully painful. When I checked on the mirror...guess what - I got stung by a bee! That did it. Now as I am nursing a bee sting and applying a cold compress on it, there's nothing more I wish for than the day would finally come to an end and hope my face will not be swollen come morning... :( If you have some home remedies for bee sting, do share it with me. I would really appreciate it.


  1. I stumbled across your blog today... sounds like your day was completable to my Monday... I know how you feel,lol.

  2. Dang! What a downer of a day! Poop followed by a bee sting - not a good combo. I have never been stung by a bee, but they scare me!