Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newest Member in Our Family

Guess what?! we got the newest member in our family and she just officially resided with us today. She came in with a large wedge-shaped head, short smooth hair, big fangs and a wiggling tail... our newest pet, a Pit Bull dog. Her name is Manike, quiet an unusual name for a female dog but no one can argue with it because the owner just baptized her with that name. Anyway we got used to it and even enjoy calling her with that name. I must say, she's physically strong at three months of age. She's very playful and my nephew just simply adore her.

looks like he needs some fun...

don't worry Manike you'll have your walk later

just a few more shots and we'll really have your walk...promise! :)

doing some stretching..:)

To Manike, welcome to our family. Hope you'll be a good nice dog with all the trouble we had of acquiring you. I even got injured and had a small head cut from the roof of his new cage... So much for getting too excited to play with the dog, that's what I got.lol

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