Friday, August 14, 2009

Refreshing Calamansi Juice

It's so hot here in Davao City right now with the temperature rising to over 31 degrees and would sometimes reach to almost 40. Adding to my discomfort, I also have to deal with a very bad internet connection. Whew! With this kind of situation, a naturally refreshing Calamansi Juice is always a nice welcome not only to relieve my thirst, but at the same time, alleviate my throbbing headache. Best of all it contains vitamins and minerals, a very healthy drink needed by our system... :)


  1. Ako baya ng paborito ng kalamansi Laize.

  2. The Thirty Secrets in Thirty Days Challenge is over! Whew! To celebrate I’m hosting a contest, first one to answer my quiz will win a Secret prize! Since you were a visitor wanted to be sure and let you know…looking forward to hearing from you again!

    Deb at Sojourner:
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