Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scent - An Essential Accessory

Perfume, aside from being one of the popular choices of gifts, has certainly become an essential accessory in our daily lives. Except for those unfortunate ones who have allergies with it like my mom, wearing your own favorite Scent has been a part of our routines before going to work, attending class or joining a very important event. You just need to wear the right kind of perfume or cologne to get the right kind of impression. I know of someone who got the best out of his perfume when he was hired after a job interview because he was so damned smelling good. :) A friend of mine was noticed by a man because of her sexy smelling cologne. In my case, there was this one time that I got stopped by a certain guy because of the perfume I was wearing. He told me he liked my perfume a lot because the scent really lingers and then he asked me the perfume's brand name. I was quite taken by surprise and the funny thing about it was that the guy turned out to be a gay. lol.

When it comes to selecting my own brand of perfume, I personally prefer one that is light and fresh. A touch of floral and fruity fragrance close to nature is ideal to my liking. And my favorite is Burberry. It has a fresh and sensual fragrance with essence of black currant, green apple, peach and marigold just perfect for daytime use. The type of perfume to use could vary according to the time of day or kind of occasion you are going to. But no matter what it is I would still go for fragrances that are not too strong or overpowering.

image from Jody Hewgill


  1. I am not fond of collecting bags and shoes but I am into perfumes lol..

  2. Well as a man ladies I have tell you it is quite an aphrodisiac to me. I love a light floral fragrance with possibly a hint of citrus.

  3. I'm also into floral and fruity fragrance sis...nakakaheadache yong strong scent eh...

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