Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to Dream

I must admit that I'm a person who habitually gets late and if there is a drug of choice to treat such disease I would certainly take it. :) No question about it! It's like a chronic illness that I have been struggling to overcome. Lucky for me, there hasn't been any serious damage so far which resulted from this bad habit of mine. It started during my high school days that got severe in college. I remember having missed a quiz and been assigned in the most toxic area at the ER as a nursing student all for being late. But seriously, I want to change this negative trait because I know how frustrating, disappointing, humiliating and troublesome it is to the other person who is on the opposite end. Gradually, I am taking steps to avoid being late and one action I'm taking is to always wear my watch so there's no more reason for me to miss time.

I usually wear trendy colorful watches that would readily fit my rugged attire. But ultimately, I dream of owning an exquisite genuine luxury Rolex watch. And I just have one in mind, the Ladies Rolex Rubies & Diamonds White Gold Jubilee SS, a stunning timepiece from I just love this piece! It is so elegant, not too flashy yet equally remarkable. Also, my birthstone happens to be Ruby so this would just be perfect for me. Hopefully, this will totally cure my bad habit of being

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