Wednesday, August 19, 2009


To my dearest cousin who manages to keep a successful career, a loving wife, and a mom of three adorable boys...Happy Happy Birthday! I really admire you Ate Jen for being such a Superwoman. hehe.

Ate Jen with her hubby and kids

Despite your highly demanding schedule, you still have time for fun and manages well to being a president in your batch (St. Peterians of Toril 1994) for your upcoming reunion. Adding to that, you maintained being gorgeous and sexy at age 32! I wish you good health, continued success in your career and endless happiness for you and your family.


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    love lots,

  2. sus Laiz, whole day naa ko didto San Pedro today kay tan-aw ko sa indak-indak sa kadayawan..sakit kaayo ako tiil karon hahahaha. pero balik japon ko ugma kay floral parade man. First time naka tan-aw ug indak-indak live kay sa TV ra man ko tig-tan-aw sukad abot ko diri Davao. mag 3 years nako diri nya karon pa ko katan-aw ug live hahaha.