Friday, February 12, 2010

Crowd Control Devices

Going to a crowded area is one thing that we just cannot avoid. Everyday we encounter this scenario like going to the cinemas, attending gatherings, going to concerts, doing our regular groceries, or even paying a visit to the bank. A very essential tool in managing these situations are crowd control devices. They are very helpful gadgets in maintaining people on the line thereby avoiding chaos and keeping order in the crowd.

I recall one time when I had to squeeze myself in to a very crowded group of customers all wanting to try out the newly opened restaurant. It was totally disorganized! In the first place, there were no ropes or any form of barriers to keep the customers on the line. As a result, we all rushed in front of the counter to give our orders. It would have been different if stanchions for crowd control were properly installed.They could come in the form of velvet rope, retractable belts, removable chain stanchions, and many others designed to serve their purpose - crowd control.

For big crowded areas and i
n cases where safety and security, privacy, or traffic control is much needed, barricades are very useful to maintain order. Examples of these are fence barricades, posts and panels, pipe and drape walls, privacy booths, and a lot more.

These are all very important devices that should not be missed in such crowded areas. So next you decide to go in a public place where you will be expecting a lot of people, like going to a concert, make sure the place is well secured with appropriate crowd control devices.

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