Friday, February 26, 2010

Graveyard Shift

Thank God it's Friday! But I am sooo not anticipating for the day to come near 11pm because then I would be on duty at the hospital. Yup! I am having my duty at graveyard shift. I tried to sleep all day in order to prepare for my duty tonight. But I know that no matter how long my hours of sleep during daytime is, it's still different and of less quality compared to my sleeping time at night. Our body clock is meant to sleep at night at become awake during the day. Well, I don't have an option for now so I better get myself ready and bring something at the hospital to keep me awake while on duty. :)

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  1. Hi girl tnx so much for visitin' ^_^. I hope your body clock will be able to adjust soon coz it is not easy to be on a graveyard shift. ^_^