Friday, February 26, 2010

Web Hosting

I never realized how dependent I am with the Internet until my laptop was busted and had to see a computer technician to get it fixed. Due to the unfortunate circumstance I had, I am now unable to access the Internet without my laptop. What am I to do now? I got more pressing jobs ahead of me that needs to be dealt with the use of Internet plus a website to maintain. Oh and I failed to mention that prior to the problem I had with my laptop, my Internet service provider let me down again. I personally went to their office to voice out my complaint against the poor Internet service they are giving to me. Well, thankfully, they responded and the following day, their technicians paid visit to our home to check our connection. It took them only a few minutes and our connection was back again. But what a series of bad luck, when I turned my laptop on, the monitor just didn't show any sign of life. I waited and restarted but still nothing happened. So now I am waiting for my laptop to be fixed...(hopefully!).

I wished that I had better ISP... Anyway I am hoping things will get better in the coming days as I am planning on opening a new website, another blog for me. But more than that, I think I need first to look for a reliable web hosting provider. I am also trying to decide if it would be wiser for me transfer my current website to a new domain.... A lot of the companies in the business hosting are giving great offers and even guarantee they can assure the most reliable service in the field, but how do I know that I can really trust them? Well, there is one company that seems to be meeting their clients' expectations, and you can find that out at According to the reviews and ratings, InMotion Hosting, Inc is the best business web hosting provider of the year. And basing from their customer feedback, they got an excellent service with a good technical support that you can rely on. I could sure use their service in the future but first, I have to verify if they are really good.

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