Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Dear Sis!

It's the natal day of my dearest sis today and she just turned 33 years younger.hehe We decided to have lunch at our favorite restaurant and just stroll along the mall. Unfortunately, her husband is in Manila, waiting for his scheduled departure for his work abroad. So it was just me, my mom, and her son Fredrik who went out. My sis' spirit almost plummeted for the main reason that her husband is away. However, when we arrived home, a nice surprise greeted us. A special delivery came from Manila (from her hubby of course), six long-stemmed white roses with a cute teddy bear was waiting for her. And oh, what change did it make to my sister's aura. Naturally, she was overjoyed and then elatedly called her hubby to thank him for the very thoughtful gesture. Wow that was nice. I must say, in married life, it is always important to make your partner feel loved and cherished especially on her special day even with just mere simple thoughts and gestures. To my sis, happy happy birthday! I hope you will have true happiness, peace, success and good health throughout your life!