Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wounded Fredric

Last Saturday night my little rascal nephew had an injury. He accidentally slipped on the floor and bumped into the wall's edge. The result --- he acquired a lacerated wound about 1 inch long on his forehead. You can just imagine how hard he cried and worst, how his mother and lola reacted in a panic way. I was on my way to work that time when I got a call from my sister hysterically telling me the incident. I have to tell, it was barely comprehensible. I somehow got the picture and rushed to home. The cut was really deep and blood was oozing from it so my sister and mom lost control on what to do. Good thing our friendly nurse neighbor was around to help and immediately applied pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.

We immediately brought my nephew to the nearest hospital and as expected, the doctor advised to suture the wound. While deciding on it, my sister and brother -in-law was talking over the phone because the father doesn't want to have the wound sutured for obvious reasons that it will leave a scar on his forehead. I was about to opposed but then again, I thought about the trauma my nephew would go through with the suturing I gave in --- no sutures for Fredric!

We refused to have the sutures done so the doctor recommended for steri-strips instead. My, that was a relief! It was immediately applied to close the wound and without shedding tears from my nephew, it was over for no more than 10 minutes. It's been five days now since the accident and we can see that his wound is healing pretty well. He's still on antibiotics for prophylaxis against infection. We will be back at the hospital this weekend for the removal of the steri-strips. We just hope that the wound will completely heal and won't leave a scar, but if there is hopefully, it will just be minimal...

Well I guess accidents are toddlers' twins. They really go together and you just can't avoid the risk of having one no matter how hard you try to protect them. So I think, the best way to deal with it, is to be always prepared and stay calm if possible. :)


  1. Poor little fella. Kumusta na laiza, sino ba kadtae natin dyan hehehe..

  2. Indeed, Lhay. When my son was still younger, he never walks but he always run. This made him more prone to accidents. Being panic during difficult situations like that would never do a good thing. It will lose your composure which may be emotionally damaging to the people around you especially to the child and would even aggravate his cry. Please send my regards to Ate Lileth, mama and Fredric...(",)