Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game Addict

My fourteen year old nephew just got hooked into another type of computer game. Right after school he goes straight to his PC and play one of his favorite games. His mother would always nag about this bad habit of spending more time using the PC than studying. My nephew with his very quick mind would argue and reason out that -- it is much better for him to be doing what he does right now than spend time drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or chasing girls --- Well I can't argue with that. I can also sympathize with him because I for one got hooked with computer games.

There was also a time I spend my entire day having computer games and when I got bored with what I was playing, I would search the web again for game torrents and find the latest and most exciting game there is. Even the old ones are fun to play with and my favorite is the Super Mario. So guys, if one day you find yourself bored and wanting to relax your weary mind, have a break from serious topics and get into a nice game. Just look for the right game torrents and let yourself have fun.

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