Monday, January 4, 2010

Spending my time

In spending my free time, I definitely enjoy going out together with my friends or family just as much as I love spending a lazy day browsing the Internet, watching movies or reading a book from my favorite author. Although to be honest, the latter part seems to be more to my liking since it is less costly. lol Just yesterday, the last day of my four days holiday vacation, I spend the whole day facing the screen of my laptop browsing the Internet. I was really glad to have the time to chat and get in touch with my friends across different parts of the globe, update my profile in FB, check my email, and Search and Download from Rapidshare new mp3 format songs, some old movies and episodes that I missed from the hit TV series, Heroes. It also helped me a lot that I was using a very user-friendly search engine and so convenient to use which allowed me to accomplish so many tasks that I want to do.

Well, I did really enjoy spending my time that I almost forgot to take a bath and eat my dinner. I became so engrossed with what I was doing that I forgot I had been using the Internet for quite a while until my mother knocked on my door and called me up to show my face at the dinner table. Good thing I was off duty so no need to rush.

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