Saturday, January 9, 2010

Maniki is Pregnant

Our dog, Maniki, a nine-month-old Pit bull was away for her first impregnation. She was away for almost 2 weeks and was sent to my brother-in-law's friend who also breeds the same type of dogs. Now that she is back, first thing I noticed is that she looks a bit thinner. We were told that when a dog is pregnant she has to be on a strict diet. Her food intake is reduced, just enough to sustain her. The purpose of this is to hopefully achieve more puppies for her. She is due to deliver in February. Right now she looks so pregnant and very lazy... always asleep. Her breasts are already engorged, in preparation for motherhood. I hope she will deliver more puppies.

Maniki inside her Cage

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  1. Oh wow magiging Auntie ka na Laiza hehehe. Kumusta ka na?

  2. that's one good looking dog there..