Monday, January 18, 2010

Flowerhorn Fish

Last time I featured Maniki, our own Pit Bull dog. This time, let me introduce to you our Flowerhorn fish--- DI. This is by the way the fish of my brother-in-law but since he's working abroad, caring for DI was left to us. I have to say this fish has a voracious appetite! And you know what... his food comes in three kinds -- one for his humpy head, another one is for his shiny look, and the third kind is to enhance his red color.

I used to have various types of gold fishes before, but unfortunately they died tragically when we had a brownout and electricity was cut off for more than 8 hours. I felt bad because they have been with me for more than a year and they've really grown quite big already... Now, I am simply contented taking care of this solitary Flowerhorn. We were nursing 3 other younger flowerhorns, aside from this big one, but since all three were placed in the same aquarium, only one was left alive, and she is still waiting to get bigger.

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