Monday, January 25, 2010

Go on a Camping Trip with An Airbed

Are you planning to have a bonding experience with nature and go on a camping trip? I suggest you plan way ahead of time so that your supposed relaxing activity wouldn't go awry just like what happened to ours, all because of the worst sleeping conditions we had. And a piece of advice, don't ever forget to bring with you elevated air beds .

We went for a nature trip about three weeks ago in order to celebrate my friend's birthday and at the same time, unwind from our busy schedules at work. In a spur of the moment, we all agreed to go camping at a mountain resort here in Davao City. Our eagerness to make this activity happen could not be quench. And so we made everything possible in a very short time for our planned trip. When we finally got there, the view was undoubtedly fantastic and amazingly serene. We went first for a chattel tour, followed by a sumptuous buffet lunch and last, a short hiking. We basked in the nature's spectacle and almost felt relaxed during the day. However, when we finally decided to retire and take a rest, my friend screamed that she forgot to bring the airbed. Adding to that it was even raining that time. Well what can we do??? We end up sleeping in a very damp, cold, and very uncomfortable mattress. As much as we wanted to blame her for the situation we were in, we can't because she is the celebrant.

If only my friend hadn't been so careless that time, we would not have suffered from such inconvenience. The elevated air beds are waterproof, inflatable, handy and very practical to use. Some are designed to make you comfortable even without a pillow. They are very useful during camping trips, for college students living on boarding houses, or when you simply want to take a sleep outside your ordinary bed. Next time we'll have a camping trip, an airbed should be the first thing on our checklist. And if you ever decide to get one for yourself, be sure to check out first things to consider in buying an air mattress.

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