Friday, January 1, 2010

Party Everywhere

It's this time of the year where everyone seems to be in a party mode and gets to over-indulged themselves, and I for one, is no exemption. Two weeks ago, we held our Christmas party for all the employees, including residents, APs and consultants of St. John Hospital. The following day was the party for just the nursing department only. And yesterday, I just attended yet another party together with my long time friends. With good company, nice ambiance and good food, I can't help myself but gave in, once again, and enjoyed the delectable, sumptuous and FATTENING foods served at the table...

I will surely have the ill-effects of my actions in a week or two after I weigh myself. Actually, I could use a little weight but I am just bothered gaining fats around my tummy area and thighs. If I have the money, I would not think twice and would willingly undergo a Liposuction to remove these unwanted excess fats. It would be so convenient and a sure treat to any woman :) But I don't. So I guess I will just have to go on a diet and engage more in a physical activity to burn some fats.

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