Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Find Your Own Satisfaction

Part of human nature is being never satisfied with what he or she has. It's true, like me I am never contented with my work, relationship and overall standing in life. I may be happy and enjoying with what I currently do now but there's always something that I keep on searching. On the other hand, I could be tired, restless and frustrated at the moment but still find satisfaction with what I do. Conflicting right? What I'm trying to say is that life may seem unsatisfactory at the moment but there are always simple things around you which will make your day.

Working as a Staff Nurse Trainee could really be trying a lot of times. You are overworked and don't even receive a salary to compensate for the hard labor you've done. I know it's just a phase I have to go through being a new graduate and having no experience at all. I should even be thankful enough that I was accepted as a trainee with so many newly graduates aspiring to be one. But sometimes I just can't help and question myself when will this ever end.

One day I really had a rough time with so many post operative patients to monitor and new admissions coming in that I just don't know what to do first. Then here comes a post op 67 year old male patient, complaining of back pain. He already has his dose of pain reliever but still the pain persisted. He was really in pain with his vital signs going up. With so many patients to attend to I had to make a quick assessment and intervene. I encouraged him to void and to help him do that I provided him with alternating hot and cold compresses. After that I assisted him to the bathroom. Successfully he was able to void and was then relieved from pain. He then went to sleep right away in a more comfortable way. Thank God! I went on to continue my work and didn't even noticed that my time was almost up. I went back to check on the patients and when I entered to the room of my patient who previously complained of lower back pain I was greeted with a beaming smile. I asked about his condition and truthfully he answered he was finally feeling better because his bladder was emptied. He even went on praising me how good I was as a nurse. I told him he is most welcome and that it was my job to make his stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible. I went out of the room and paused for a moment and smiled. That was pure SATISFACTION. A simple thank you or feedback coming from the patient for a job well done has really made my day.

Sometimes we are so busy looking for greater things that we fail to stop and smell the flowers. We are tend to be consumed with our own duties and responsibilities that sometimes we just do things out of obligation. I think that in everything we do, we should always seek joy in it. It doesn't matter how little or how big it is as long as it makes you or the people around you happy. Then you're on the road of finding your own satisfaction.

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