Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's something about the money tree

They say it's lucky to have a money tree plant in your home because it brings fortune and prosperity to the family. We actually have one planted just in front of our house beside the main gate. It was planted by the previous owner of the house and we've had it since the moment we transferred here. According to beliefs it's luckier if you planted it yourself or if someone gave it to you. However, I'm talking about money tree plant not because of it's prospect of bringing luck but because of my nephew's fondness about it.

He's just 11 months old and quite a handful. He's very active and loves to explore everything and anything around him. For the moment his favorite is this plant. Every time he goes out of the house and sees this plant he just can't help but reach for it and grab the leaves. He is most fond of its flowers. And when he finally gets a hold of it you will certainly be rewarded by his beaming smile.

Don't you love his smile?

Whether the money tree plant brings luck or not, we should always take care of it just like any other plant. It doesn't matter what type of plant it is because any plant is always a blessing. It does not only bring beauty to our surroundings but more importantly having plants can help lessen the workload of our mother earth.

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