Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love Krispy Kreme!

While I was in Manila, I was thinking of something to bring for my family when I go back to Davao. And then I remembered my sister telling me to buy her the fave, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. With little time left I had no other option but to buy the most wanted doughnuts.

I bought two boxes, a dozen of the hot original glazed and one dozen in assorted flavor. Honestly, I had a hard time carrying those boxes because I had to hand-carry it during my flight plus I have another one big bag to carry that was quite heavy. While I was going on board for my flight going to Davao, I was really surprised to see some passengers who were also carrying boxes of Krispy Kreme. And so I said to myself these doughnuts must be really good and I can't wait to have a bite of it.

As soon as I landed to Davao International Airport, I texted right away my sister and sure thing she was more excited to see the doughnuts than me. We'll that's fine with me I'm also excited as hell. I got myself a taxi and headed straight home.

Sorry I already ate some of them... can't wait anymore. :)

When we finally munched on the doughnuts, we were not disappointed because true enough the Krispy Kreme tasted heavenly. It's really delicious and the best doughnut I've ever tasted so far. It's even good even after being stored in the refrigerator. I was really glad I was able to buy some. It's just a pity that I wasn't able to share it with my friends. I thought the two boxes where more than enough for us but unfortunately it was even not enough. lol


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