Saturday, May 30, 2009

A walk down the aile

Once again here comes June, the month of weddings. It seems like everybody wants to get marry in June. I guess it's the best season of the year where the weather is warm enough, ideal for a garden wedding. It's also the best time to get together with family and friends where nearly everyone is on break especially here in Philippines. My friend Agirl is no exemption to this because she's walking down the aile this coming June.

It has been part of our tradition to carefully choose the wedding date which corresponds to our mounting beliefs. The date should fall on the 8th or one that has an 8 or 0 signifying infinity or endless hoping the relationship would last forever. Strong as this belief may be, my friend didn't fall for this because she's getting married on the 3rd.

The most popular wedding month is June. It is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. With this, it is believed that she would bring happiness and prosperity to those who wed in her month. I sincerely hope this is true.

We are just as superstitious about days of the week. My friend is having the best day of all, Wednesday. A popular rhyme goes:

Marry on Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday the best day of all,
Thursday for crosses,
Friday for losses, and
Saturday for no luck at all.

Well these are all just beliefs, it may be true to some while others chose not to believe. I think the most important thing is to keep the marriage sacred and always remember that wedding is bounded by the holy sacrament of matrimony where two people are united out of love. To my friend Agirl and Carlo, Best Wishes! I wish you endless happiness and prosperity in your married life.

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