Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Pain No Gain

I've never prayed so hard and so sincere like I did while waiting for the result of my NCLEX exam. I went to church almost everyday and asked God to please let me pass the exam. Just recounting the expenses I went through in order to take the exam was so much to bear that I don't want to go through with it again. Not to mention the long hours of attending the review class and reading the books I could hardly stomach.

I prepared for the exam for almost a year. I attended the basic, comprehensive and advance review class for NCLEX. But honestly, I became more serious with my review during the latter part with only 4 weeks to go before my exam date. It's always like this with me. Whenever I took the exam, I work best when I'm in a cram. Studying months way ahead of my exam was never my style. I've always wanted to do it that way because it's the best way but I just can't seem to do it.

I was also working at hospital during the early part of my review so it was really difficult for me to focus with my review. There was a time I attended my class coming from an 11-7 shift. But I had to do it because I was paying for that review class. Towards the end of my review, I just had to quit work and focus on my review or else I would waste all the money I spend for the exam. For four weeks I forced myself to answer NCLEX type questions in the computer. A lot of times I was tempted to play computer and surf the Internet while studying but still I pushed through with it. It was so difficult to study because I'm not very good with it.

After more than a week of waiting, my friend suddenly informed me that she had her results already via quickresults at And she passed! I just can't wait anymore. The waiting was killing me and I can't take another day anymore not knowing if I passed or failed. So that same day, I also accessed the quickresults and bravely faced the verdict. After entering the necessary entries, we waited for that one word we longed to see... And there it was PASS! I was so happy and overwhelmed with the results that I wasn't able to control myself and cried shamelessly. After all the hard work and sacrifices I went through, I am now a US RN. It was all worth it.

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