Monday, June 1, 2009

Bridal Shower for Agirl

We've been planning to give a bridal shower party for our dear friend Agirl who's getting married on the 3rd of June. However we've been so busy lately that the original date was postponed till last Saturday. And thankfully, we were able to pushed through with it even with the absence of our other close friends.

I was not sure if it's really going to happen that day because we actually didn't have a concrete plan for the event. My friend Jinky was assigned for the program and I must applaud her for taking the task considering her very busy schedule. Mind you she works in an accounting department at the same, she's also a nursing student. As for me, I had to skip the planning part because I was out of town for my NCLEX exam. Agirl's sister Irene was really the one who made it all possible because she was the one who took the initiative and contacted all of us to make the event possible.

The party was held at World Palace in Safari room. There were only few of us there, not surprising because some of our friends have already left for abroad like Shiela and some opted to work outside Davao City. Although there were only few of us present, we still had a wonderful time. Our goal to surprise Agirl was accomplished. She was totally clueless of the party and really had no idea about it until she got there. So you can just imagine her loud scream when she finally found out. She even scanned the room for the macho dancer who might be hiding inside. We got her into "hot seat" and fired her with some juicy questions that if she fails to answer them correctly she would have to suffer for the consequence...strip off piece by piece everything she Hope she wore layers of clothes. Well good for her she was able to answer most of the questions and just stripped off her two rings and a pair of earrings.

Despite the time constraints and some problems we encountered, we really had a great time. The sad part was just that there were only three of us who paid for the place. How I wished Shiela and Blong were there to help out. :(

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  1. hehehe konsensya man pud ko, bawi na lang ko next time friends! so sad i wasn't there to enjoy the moment with you guys, u know if i'm not here in the middle of nowhere, i would never miss the ocassion!