Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Wishes Agirl & Carl

Finally Marie Girl Costan and Carlo Señase tied the knots yesterday at San Isidro Parish Church. It was a solemn ceremony participated by their relatives and some close friends. The church was simply but elegantly decorated with white flowers. And the most beautiful woman that day was none other than the blooming bride Marie Girl, our dear friend. Their wonderful union was even blessed with rain that soon came to a halt right after the ceremony.

Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Señase

preparing to kiss the bride...please save some for the

me & jing (friends of the bride)

at the reception

The reception was held at Buffet Palace where the venue was elaborately donned with various shades of flowers accentuated with fancy decorations where the changing color of lights beautifully played with it. The total effect was quiet fantastic, I must say. But the most beautiful part of it was when the groom serenaded the bride. It really helps a lot when you're gifted with a good voice like Carlo. It completely made the moment totally romantic. I also liked the part when the bride's eldest brother, Arvin, gave a very touching message although a bit funny. It was really a moment to treasure and to become part of their meaningful union was something I'll never forget. Best wishes to you both! Hope you'll have little Agirl and Carlo very soon.

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