Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Must Have Bags

One of the things I love most are bags. Ever since I got fascinated with them I dreamed of owning ones which are elegant but trendy that I could wear with along my outfit. And today Sarah just showed me some really nice, elegant bags and offered it for sale. How I wish I have loads of cash right now so I could pick all of them. Here are some of my top choices that I wish to have.

Like jewelries and clothes, bags are one of the many things women simply adore and I am no exemption to this. I absolutely adore bags. I prefer those that are more functional but at the same time trendy. I would go for the big ones so I could put all my stuff in it and would not need to worry of carrying folders or important documents that wouldn't fit inside my bag. Bags are just as important because they can either make or break your total look. So if you're going to a very important affair or attend a prestigious event you should make sure that you have the right bag for the right outfit.

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