Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Congratulations Roger!

Roger Federer finally made it! He came out victorious and claimed his first ever French crown in the the Roland Garros 2009. I've been following his game and hoping he would really take it to the finals. And sure thing he did with flying colors. He even braved the rain and beaten down Robin Soderling to the finals!

You are simply the best. You gave a really good game each time. I enjoyed watching every moment of it. And I would still continue to watch the replays just to savor the fantastic moves you did which brought you to this championship. Congratulations Roger! I can't wait to see you claim your crown in Wimbledon.

It was really heartbreaking to the fans of Rafael Nadal, the World's No. 1, that he didn't even make it to the semis and was thrown by Soderling who is just No.23. I thought he would be waiting in line again during the finals but very unfortunate for him he didn't make it. I guess he was just not his best at that time and needs to rest for a while after being a four-time champion. On the other hand, Roger just had a wonderful time and got a golden opportunity to once again prove he's still on top. Once again congratulations Roger!

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