Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jun Pyo's Embarrassing Moment

I am a certified fanatic of the famous Korean series entitled "Boys Over Flowers" which is currently running here in the Philippines. I just love the fast-paced story pattered with the original phenomenal Taiwan series, F4. And my favorite character is none other than the lead star, Gu Jun Pyo! He's such a cutie! lol Although I like him better with straight hair compared to what he has in the series.

Talking about his hairstyle, I just saw him from a video clip in YouTube with straight hair. He was walking along the red carpet, with millions of fans and reporters present. I was really appreciating his nice look when suddenly he tripped off faced down right in front of the many spectators. It was absolutely hilarious! My god! I can't imagine however did he got out of that most embarrassing situation. Poor Gu Jun Pyo, don't worry I'm still a fan of yours!

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