Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome Home Sarah!

Some things just keep getting better with time. Just like my friendship with Sarah. She just recently got back from Singapore. She has been residing there for almost two years now and we haven't seen each other for quiet some time already. But when we got together like this afternoon, it seemed that we've never been apart. It was like those times when we were together in Taiwan. We talked endlessly from the juiciest topics to the most morbid ones. Well I guess that's a test of true friendship. It's when you can be true to yourself and say anything and everything to each other. And of course the best part of it is that she always has something for me whenever she comes home here in Davao.lol Thank you Sarah! I totally love you to pieces! lol

But seriously, I know she's having some crisis right now and badly needs to be unburdened with her current marriage. I just hope and pray that everything's going to turn out right and very soon she'll be able to settle her own problems.


  1. uli na pud diay si sarah lhay? mobalik pa sya sa singapore? ingna sya uban ta hehehe

  2. Enjoyed visiting your blog. Thank you for visiting mine.