Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shifting Careers

Part of human nature is being never satisfied with what he has. It's true, like me I am never contented with my work, relationship and overall standing in life. I may be happy with what I do now but there's always something that I keep on searching.

Before, I used to work regularly at the office in the accounting department. My job was not that fascinating nor that rigorous but it was good because then I had a regular paycheck every 15th of the month. I could buy the things I want at the price I can afford and dine to some restaurants and pay for my own meal. But now after nursing, I'm all dependent to my sister and aunt who pays for my education.

I know that shifting careers is never easy. Nurses are really in demand all over abroad that's why I took chances and hoped to find a better life as a Nurse. From an accounting graduate I studied nursing. I took my exams, passed them and now I'm still hunting for a job. Which is not easy especially now with the recession and global financial crisis the world is undergoing.

Often times I feel frustrated like now because I feel trapped. Where do I go from here? I know I'm not the only one who's having this problem and I'm just thankful that my family and friends never fail to give their moral support or give me a push whenever I need it. I just need to be more patient and soon I know I'll reap all the hard labor I've done.

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