Friday, March 12, 2010

Controlling Fire Ants

Have you ever been bitten by fire ants? If the answer is no then you should really be glad. I remember one time I saw this movie set in early times wherein people were punished in a very barbaric way through fire ants. You will be under the mercy and cruel stings of not one but an entire colony of fire ants. Oh my! What a painful form of punishment.

I just hate ants especially those big fire ants. They are pests that must be controlled and avoided. At home, whenever I see them gather and form a steady line going through a leftover food or gathering around the plants in our backyard, I would have goosebumps and I would immediately disrupt their line my throwing a load-full of boiling water over them. It is quite effective in disrupting them but, it doesn't really make them go away. What happens is that they just transfer to another place. This is also true with controlling fire ants.

There are much effective and more importantly, environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of ants. This is through bait treatments. A bait is given as a food source being carried by ant workers to the colony letting the queen ant eat it as well. After the bait is eaten by the queen, its main function would now slowly work and that is preventing the queen from further laying more eggs. It is not a form of pesticide so you can be assured that it is eco-friendly. If you want to know more about fire ants and how to manage them just looked it up over the internet.

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