Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Much Sun

Summer is here once again and along with the scorching heat are the risks of getting dehydrated and acquiring common illnesses such as cough and colds, not to mention the devastating effects of El Niño to our farmers.

I love summer because it's the best time to go outdoors, enjoy the beach, and get adventurous with nature. However too much sun has some ill effects on our bodies. I have to say that the sun is really getting under my skin, literally! Like for now, I noticed that my skin gets rough, dry and scaly easily. Urgh!! I have to put on lotion twice as much and more often than before. And most importantly, I need to drink plenty of water which sometimes I forget because of having such demanding work. Too much sun does nothing but speed up my aging process. :( Wish I could hide from it but I know it's impossible. Our family is even planning to go to the beach one of these days. The best way for me to do then is just protect myself with sunblock, umbrella, and plenty of WATER.

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