Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Pair of Eyeglasses for Me

For almost six years now, I have been totally dependent with the use of contact lenses. Even though I have my pair of eyeglasses, I am still comfortable wearing my contacts. However, there are certain limitations and disadvantages with prolonged use of contacts. First, my eyes get really tired and seemed all bruised after the long day. Secondly, I can't wear my contacts if I am on duty at graveyard shift for fear I will fall asleep with my contacts on. Lastly, it's a bit time consuming and tiresome cleaning them after every use. And so now I am really thinking of buying a new, fashionable and most importantly, within my budget eye wear ideal for my everyday use.

I have tried various types of eyeglasses and it seems that they just don't last with me. I am just able to use them for a span of about three to five months. Then, they either break or I got bored with using them. I must admit my previous eyeglasses are not of quality but, I did buy two expensive pairs but still, they didn't last long.

I think it would be best for me to buy an eye wear in various designs at cheaper prices so I don't get easily bore with them. With lots of designs I could always mix and match my glasses with my outfit. Ain't that cool? Now you can have a complete pair of eyeglasses for as low as $8. This is really affordable but of course quality should always come in first. They might end up like my previous ones, so now I should think of quality glasses at the price I can afford.

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